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The Story

Growing up, my sister and I enjoyed fun-filled days of shopping with some of our favorite women in the family: Mom, Grandma, and our aunts. We loved picking out outfits for each other to wear and trying on different options- everything from crazy hats to heels to various shades of lipstick. Now that my sister and I have grown older and live across the country from each other, we are no longer afforded the opportunity to spend free time shopping together. Instead, we take advantage of technology by snapping photos of potential purchases on our phones and sending them to each other for feedback. We can instantly share ideas during any shopping excursion, whether we are looking for wedding gowns, furniture, art, clothes, lawn ornaments, or coasters.

Shopptique is a tool that allows you to enjoy shopping with others even though you may not be able to take them along with you in person. You can shop with your family and friends through your mobile phone and allow them to provide the same opinions they would if they were standing next to you in the store. Let's face it, your network of friends and family are more truthful than the sales clerk!

Shopptique Team


Edward Blake is a current undergraduate Real Estate Finance major at the University of Texas. Outside of Austin area interests, Edward enjoys watching a variety of sporting events including the St. Louis Cardinals and following current events and politics. Edward helps coordinate advertising and social media campaigns in order to boost Shopptique's nationwide exposure as the premier shopping iPhone app.


Kevin is a very talented graphic and web designer based in Los Angeles. Kevin enjoys live music, playing guitar and eating at celebrity chefs’ restaurants. On the weekends, you might find Kevin sporting his Arizona Wildcats t-shirt cheering on his alma mater. Kevin’s role is to makes sure that everything looks pretty on the Shopptique website.


Heather is the brains behind the operation. She is a graduate student at Georgetown University and likes all things that sparkle. Heather enjoys running, politics, a nice Chardonnay, and USC football. At a young age, she had an interest in entrepreneurship and a passion for people. She hopes that users enjoy Shopptique as a way to share with friends, the fun purchases of everyday life.


Amy is Heather's kid sister. She is a semi-professional, graduate student at Indiana University. She enjoys playing the guitar, going out to eat, and when she is at home in California, surfing and snowboarding. She appreciates nature, good sarcasm, Cabernet Sauvignon, and shopping. Amy has always possessed a passion for the environment, and encourages shoppers to make earth friendly choices.


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